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If you are a new member, or still thinking about becoming a member of Cornhusker Corvette Club, you probably have a few questions. Here are some of the most common questions that are asked.

Q: What is the National Council of Corvette Clubs?

Most of all, the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) is about having fun with your Corvette! NCCC brings the Corvette community together to enjoy and honor America’s True Sports Car - THE CORVETTE!

NCCC is an all volunteer organization dedicated to serving the needs of the constituent clubs and their individual members. NCCC provides a comprehensive insurance program that covers most any activity that a club might pursue. The competition sanction program includes showing, parading, touring and even racing.

Each year a National Convention takes place where NCCC members from the entire country gather for a week of Corvette fun. Many of these events are sponsored by Corvette related businesses that contribute to the experience.
Membership includes the quarterly magazine "Blue Bars".

Q: What is the Future Corvette Owners Association?

The Future Corvette Owners Association (FCOA) is the youth organization
of NCCC. It's a unique "Corvette Club for kids" formed to interest the
younger generation in the Corvette hobby. This is the generation that is
the Corvette enthusiast of the 21st century! FCOA members are the
foundation of NCCC's future and hopefully FCOA members will go on to be
active NCCC members when they turn 16.

Q: When and Why is a Waiver and Release Form Needed and Signed?

     What does the Waiver and Release form do for us and why do we have to sign it at every event?

               This form is the single MOST important document NCCC has. The Release and Waiver of Liability is the form that 
               protects NCCC, its member clubs and NCCC members if an injured participant, worker, or volunteer sues you. All
               participants must sign this form as required.

When are waivers required?

Waivers are required for the following:
All Sanctioned events.
All Non-Sanctioned events if required by the Competition Rulebook.
Any event whereby the venue requires a Certificate of Insurance.
All Club Sponsored car shows for participants & workers only.

When we have a car show at a dealership or mall parking lot, it is virtually impossible to require all of the general public to sign a waiver.

When an event such as a car show occurs in an open uncontrolled area such as this where the general public spontaneously enters the area for viewing of the cars they do not have to sign a waiver. However, all of the Sponsor Club(s) members, workers, and all entrants must sign the appropriate waivers to adequately provide the NCCC Insurance coverage for that event.

Suppose a spectator, participant, or worker does not want to sign the waiver?

Anyone that refuses to sign a waiver is NOT permitted to participate, work, or enter ANY RESTRICTED AREA at any NCCC event requiring waivers.

Parade participation and/or the chauffeuring of local dignitaries.

These activities are “Club sponsored events” and participants, including those who are riding as passengers within the cars, MUST sign a waiver in-order for coverage to apply.

Club members have a published social event in which members meet to eat & socialize at a public location.

As this is a social event for members, waivers are no longer required.

For more information on waivers and NCCC insurance visit the NCCC Insurance page at

Thanks to these businesses that support us
Did you know that some offer discounts for CCC members?

C7 - Platinum Level Contributors

C6 - Gold Level Contributors

Auto Trim Design

Bruno’s Auto Works

Cascio's Steak House

Center Trophy Company

Certified Transmission

Cilantro’s Mexican Bar & Grill

Clancy’s Pub

HS Automotive

JIKOH Manufacturing Inc.

Lions Automotive Upholstery

Lyle’s Tires & Wheels

Parker’s Smokehouse

Peers Auto Works

Predator Custom Trailer & Motor Coaches

Quaker Steak & Lube, Council Bluffs

Ragazzi's Pizza

R&G Service Center

Smitty's Garage Burger & Beer

Stumble Inn

Village Inn Twin Creek Bellevue

Wheelin’ n Dealin’ Band

This area is for CCC members to list cars, accessories or any items they would like to offer sell.
Email photos and information to  Please be sure to send an email when the item is no longer for sale.
For Sale:  Exhaust system...Mid America Thunder mufflers and
                  overaxle pipes.  Used, but excellent condition.  Fits
                  LS 3 engines and C6 Grand Sport.  Great sound when
                  accelerating.  $400
                  Contact:  Marvin Dawes (Archway Corvette Club)
                                 Cell: 308-233-0779  Home: 308-234-2009

Put your Item Here

Put your Item Here


For Sale

Stereo radio & 12 disk-ed CD changer for a C-5 Corvette, everything works.  Upgraded mine to a new system so no longer need it. If interested call Ray Zimmerman (402) 306-7485.

2007 Z51 Convertible   6- Speed, 400 HP, Only 10,000 miles.
Asking $30,000.  Car is located in Cheyenne Wyoming.
Arrangements can be made for pick up location.

Call Greg Bishof  (307) 421-7136